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Hilar!ous video of young boy sp0tted dr!nking alc0h0l and crying after been h3artbr0ken [Watch Now

By Ghpatoo . May 19,2021

The rate at which people keep getting br0ken h3art lately has become very sc@ry as a video fast going viral and at the disp0sal of online has sh0w moments when a young boy in his 20s was sp0tted crying after been left by his girlfr!end.

The young boy whose identity is yet to known was seen crying his h3art out whiles dr!nking some bottl3s of Orij!n and also Sav@nna whiles sitting on the fl00r of his room.

Taking to WhatsApp to break up with him she wrote saying;

“I have something to tell you…pls i want us to break up but don’t take it personal because you are fun and make me happy but i have been ch3ating on you and i know you won’t forgive me …am sorry and i l0v3 you” she wrote.

Watch the video below: