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Hajia Bintu M!stakenly Drops Her W!ld Tw3king Video In Her W3t Dr3ss; Causes St!r Online [VIDEO]

Award-winning Ghanai@n Brand influencer, Actress, Instagram and Tik Tok superstar, Hajia Bintu has dropped a new stbanning video online.

This w!ld video has Hajia Bintu teasing her fans with the now-famous he@vy b@ckside she possesses.

VIDEO: My Pastor B0yfriend Ch0pped My Bre@st Made Me Sqw33t - L@dy Rev3al

In the video, Hajia Bintu is seen wearing a long body-hugging dress which sh0ws her well-endowed contours. She was sh@king what her Mama gave her.

Watch The Video Below.