• pnkansah007

H00k up girls st0rm the house of a man to seize his belongings for refuse to pay after ‘enjoyment”

Problem never finishes on the internet — every day with its own wahala.

A new wahala has risen between a middle-aged man and a group of prostitut3s.

Apparently, this man went to sle3p with an ashawo who was de@f and dvmp. So he wanted to take advantage of her by refusing to pay her.

The de@f lady messaged her fellow h00k-up ladies via WhatsApp and within minutes they came to her rescu3.

As a result of the man’s refusal to pay the amount due for the enjoyment servic3 given him, his belongings were seized.

In the video, one can see the man b3gging for mercy, but these girls won’t hear any of that. They took his fridge, toilet paper, among other items.