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Guy breaks up with gir!friend after seeing cucumber in her wardrobe trend on social media [Video]

By Ghpatoo . June 2,2021

In the video sighted by social media, a man who we believe went 0ver to spend the night 0ver at his gir!friend’s place accidentally stumb!ed upon the fruit in her closet.

He questioned her as to why she was keeping that with her. The gir!friend in her defense rev3aled that she wasn’t using it without saying anything else.

According to him, he saw a vibrator in her r00m the other time he visited when he sort to find out what she was using it for, she told him she used it to massage and now this.

The boyfriend who l0oked angry tried to find out from her if it was because of those things why she always compla!ns when they engage in any s3.xual activity.

Watch the video below: