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Gomoa Fetteh "Atopa Festival " Causes Stir On Social Media [Video]

By Admin . September 6,2021

Festivals have always been a section of Ghanaian societies and the Ahobaakese festival is currently making all the waves on social media.

The most enjoyable aspect of this festival, though, is the part where celebrants do the well-known Atopa dance. A video displaying natives of Gomoa Fetteh celebrating their annual traditional festival has triggered a stir on social media.

In the video, male and female who looked excited danced happily causing traffic on the street. Some youth of Gomoa Fetteh have triggered a stir on social media after a video show them dancing at their traditional pageant popped up online.

Ghanaians expressed their opinion on the 'atopa' dance that the youth were dancing. Social users react positively about it while others react negatively towards it.

In the video, some youth of the town who looked extremely glad were seen performing the 'atopa' dance. The young ladies had been seen rubbing their backside on the young guys as they boogied on the street. Their way of dance was once on purpose because the festival which is celebrated every year is affectionately known as the 'atopa' festival.

According to locals, the dance marks the rememberance of how their ancestor Ahor liberated them from slavery.

Watch the video below ;