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Ghanaians Were Like”Damn”Moesha Bodoung’s Friend Causes Massive St!r With a New Photos [PHOTOS]

Moesha Boduong among the most quickly developing actresses in Ghana. She also works as an agent and TV moderator and hails from Bipolar in the Upper West area of Ghana.

This perspective has additionally made her popular since it is a standout amongst the most viewed shows.

Moesha has played a significant role in making Ghana a westernized country. There is a considerable measure of respect in this young woman.

She stands out as affluent and rich yet what most people don't know is that she experienced some struggles to get where she is currently.

The Socialite Moesha has been showing off a very beautiful friend of hers known as Sika Arthur on her social media pages, especially


Moesha's friend who looks very beautiful and well endowed even more than Moesha has grabbed the attention of those who follow and watch Moesha's snap, asking who the mysterious friend of Moesha is.

Well, not much is known about Sika, and Ghanaians don't know much about her except that she is one fine girl with a banging body.



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