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Ghanaians React As A Woman With Baby Str@pped At The Back Was Captured Doing This Work

By Admin . July 6,2021

A lady has been captured doing the kind of work that men mostly do. Mason's work is described as one of physical work that requires a lot of energy. Women mostly play the part of fetching water to mix the mortar but not in the case of this woman in this viral video on social media.

This unknown lady was captured plastering the ceiling of a building. The kind of skills, she is using is so marvellous and wonderful. This propelled some Ghanaians to shower praises on this woman as they asked God to take care of her handiwork and bless the family.

The work that she is doing is very danger0us considering the bench she is even standing on but the family must survive. It is quite sad and exciting at the same time but only God knows the reason why she doing mason work.

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