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Ghanaians D3scend Heav!ly On Ghana Police After Policemen Were Captur3d In Bad Light [Watch Now]

By Admin . June 17,2021

Some Ghanaians are of the view that the policemen in your picture below are not exhibiting professiona!!sm in their work.

They argu3d that while they have ha!ted at this unknown with the police patrol car looking at a curvace0us lady’s hvge backs!de, someone might be in serious trouble l00king for their assistance.

Others also added that the Ghana police cars is not given to its officer to patrol around to search for sekxy ladies but rather to check out cr!me in communities.

But it appears these policemen had to take a break 0ff duty and enjoy the beautiful creation of God. Some Ghanaians added that this is part of the reason why the citizens do not feel saf3 under this current administr@tion.

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