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Ghanaian Trainee Nurses “F!ght!ng” Over Their Lunch Surface Online [Watch Video]

ghpatoo.com . May 7, 2021

A new video trending on social media has gotten attention because Ghanaian nurses were seen f!ghting over food.

In the video, these trainee nurses were struggling to get served lunch.These students were p00rly fed with rice and stew without egg or meat.

One could tell from the video how p00r our “incoming nurses” were being fed in terms of delivery services.

Also, it was seen that these nurses were not practicing social distancing amidst COVID prevention.

They kept pushing each other and shouting to be fed as some people tagged the situation as “survival of the fitters”.

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Some Ghanaians commented on the video that a lot must be done in the country and others were laughing over it.

Watch the video below: