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Ghanaian’s R3act Over Two Teenagers Booking H0tel R00m [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . June 6,2021

Two young teenagers has been the center of attract!on and everyone is talking about them. In a viral vedio the two were s3en at the h0tel receptionist making enquires.

What makes the vedio d!sturbing is that they are too young to be at the h0tel ,let alone book a r00m for themselves. In Ghana people below the age of eighteen are considered as children and should not be s3en at certain places.

The vedio has gained much attent!on on social media, with people coming with different opinion. Some think they were sent by their parent to make enquires for them, others think otherwise. At their age many are asking where they even got money to book a hotel r00m.

Hotels in Ghana should pass a policy which restr!ct certain people to access their facility.The upbringing of children is very important,and can have a great impact on them when they grow up.

Watch the video below: