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Ghanaian lady catches her best friend in her husband’s room-[Video]

Updated: Jan 3

December 16, 2020

https://youtu.be/kHZVK5f1VIE A Ghanaian lady has caught her best friend called Nefisa pants down in her husband’s room.

Nefisa as seen in the video was wearing a pink lingerie in full mood to enjoy her own bestie’s hubby.

Unknown to her, she entered a trap of embarrassment.

Her best friend came from nowhere to catch her in the act. According to the woman, Nefisa has been secretly dating her husband.

On top of it, Nefisa has been lying to the man that she’s (the main wife) a lezbian.

Feeling exasperated by the ordeal, the lady beat up her friend mercilessly questioning her what she was doing in he husband’s room.

She remarked that they’ve been friends for decades so she doesn’t know what wrong she has done for her to try to snatch her husband.

Watch the video below:





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