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From ‘kayayo’ to owner of plush mansion, Nhyiraba Kojo shares grass to grace story [Watch Video]

Ghanaian musician, Rashid Joseph, popularly known as Nhyiraba Kojo is the true motivational story of a life that is from grass to grace.

Hard work pays and Nhyiraba Kojo , a proud Ghanaian young man has inspired many with his unique story. He passed through what many would avoid just to become a success.

After years of work as a head porter Nhyiraba Kojo used life’s bitter lemons offered him to change his fate. According to the rapper, he went through frustrating and exhausting moments as a head porter popularly referred to as kayayo.

During this period of his life, Joseph, who was not famed as Nhyiraba Kojo Sika at the time, significantly suffered under the pressure of challenges from his deprived background.

Despite the adversity, Joseph never gave up on himself as he moved to the city to work to change his poor living condition.

, Nhyiraba Kojo Sika recounts how he used to wear his cap to cover his face when he used to work as a male porter in Kaneshie to avoid being seen by his friends.

Nhyiraba Kojo Sika indicated that he did not want his friends to identify him because they could send word back home that he works as a porter in Accra.

Rapper Nhyiraba urged the youth to be resilient in the pursuit of the dreams as he reflected on his growth.

Nhyiraba Kojo advised that when things begin to change for the better, detractors and pessimists would attempt to explain their source of wealth by claiming their riches is a result of rituals but they should pay less attention to them.