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F!re Sw3eps Through Makola Market; Destr0ys Shops And Goods [Video]

By Admin . July 5,2021

Traders have been thrown into despair as fire sw3pt through some parts of the Makola market in Accra, destroying shops, stalls, and goods.

In a viral video sighted on social media a th!ck smoke was spotted emanating from stores adjacent the Georgina Stores Complex close to the Makola Shopping Mall 2.

The f!re which is believed to have started around 9:30 am on Monday, July 5, 2021, is still raging and spreading to other shops.

Meanwhile, personnel from the Ghana National Fire service at Makola have been trying their best to quench the raging inferno. Ghpatoo.com cannot independently verify what exactly caused the f!re which has so far destroyed a number of shops.

Watch the video below: