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Fan C@ught On Tape "Tonguing" Musician While Performing On Stage [Watch Video]

By Ghpatoo.com . May 17,2021

An upcoming musician called Naya has faced a big humiliati0n while performing on stage few days ago.

Speaking in a recent interview, Naya revealed that she was invited to perform on stage at a sh0w in Nzema where she honored it.

Unfortunately for her during her performance, some men who were clearly perverts decided to misbehave with her.

One guy even went as far as l!cking her th!ghts. A lot of people found the actions from the guys towards the lady disgusting.

Speaking about the matter, Naya stated that it was normal despite being disrespected by the men on stage. She added that she wasn’t going to take any legal actions against them.

Watch the video below;