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Expelled Babcock University student in viral S£x tap£ gets scholarship to school abroad

Updated: Jan 22

Expelled 300 level accounting student of Babcock University who went viral last year over a leaked adult tape, has been offered an international scholarship. The video went viral and caused a stir online as many people began to share their thoughts on the matter.

The lady in question received heavy backlash over the act, to the point that Babcock Vice-Chancellor,

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Ever since she was expelled, there has been little to no news on her whereabouts or update on her welfare. But it appears some recourse has come her way as a medical doctor, Ola Brown has given update on plans being made to return the young lady’s life back to normal. According to , Dr Ola Brown who took interest in the case after her expulsion from Babcock University, her scholarship in a foreign country has been fully paid.

He took to Twitter to break the news, Dr Brown said:

I know not many people will care, but there are some people that followed the story of ‘Babcock girl’ “I am so proud of the progress she is making academically/psychologically/ spiritually “Hoping she will become one of the worlds best finance guru’s/economists “Everytime she calls she has some new insight about the wonderful world of finance/accounting/economics. “She is smart, passionate & focused. She reads widely and deeply. She understands complex topics easily. “I see her at the IMF/AFDB or some other global finance institution She will NOT be defined by the manner in which her privacy was violated by someone she trusted.”

However, giving a more recent update, the doctor said that plans have been concluded for the lady to continue her studies abroad while on a scholarship.

Just made her scholarship payment. She will be travelling out to study in the next few months. Future head of the IMF/World Bank loading by God’s grace.” the doctor said.



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