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Ex-convict rearrested for st3aling two goats 10 minutes after released from prison [Watch Now]

By Admin - June 22,2021

The man who served 20 years in prison when he was busted and jailed in 2001 over charges of robbery and rape seem not to have learnt any lesson as he was caught by residents after st3aling two goats and tied them togather to transport on a commercial motor rider locally referred to as ‘Okada’.

Acoording to one Godswill, he suspected the ex-convict’s movement after he saw him enter a house. He followed him unnoticed only to see the man lay his hands on two goats, toss them and tied theirs legs and mouth in such a short time. He carried them out of the house to the road side and stopped a motor rider. That was when he raised alarm and the motor rider (okada) got hold of him till people came around to beat him.

Constable Richard, one of the police officers who was at the scene said ” I don’t even understand this man. Is it that he is curs3d and/or his family witches are just w!cked?”

“I thought convicts should learn some lessons when in prison. At least he should have gone home first or let a day pass before he even think of conmitting any cr!me. What is wrong with him? How was he able to do this in just ten (10) minutes after released?” He added.

The goat th!efs has since been put into police custody for investigation and further prosecution if found guilty.