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Drama;Jealous lady cuts r!val’s face with a raz0r blade

By Ghpatoo . May 22,2021

A lady believed to be in her mid-30s is nursing severe facial injur!es after a r!vals subjected her to raz0r blade cvts over a m@n at Tantra Hill in Accra.

She is currently on admission at a private Hospital near Golden Door where she is receiving treatment for the deep cvts she sustained.

According to one Samuel Agyapong, the lady in question was s3en chatting with the boy who is her ex-f!ance.

Close friends of the suspect were reported to have informed her that the lady was l@cing her boots for a b0unce back for the m@n in question and urg3d her to device ways by keeping her at bay.

Armed with this information, she reportedly monitored the movement of the vict!m and p0unced on her, gave her multiple cvts on her face a with raz0r blade after which she fl3d the community.

The Mile 7 Police confirmed the incident, but revealed that they are waiting for the victim to recover in order to enable them take her statement and commence investigations into the matter.