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Dr@ma ensue fire fighter rescues her wife and man from a bvrning hot3l r00m [Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 27,2021

A video is presently caus!ng mass!ve wav3s on social media and for a minute you could think it’s a pl0t from a hollywood movie.

In the video, two firefighters who arrived at a burning hot3l to use their expertise to extinguish the fire got shr0uded in a melodr@ma that has since set tongues w@gging.

The two officers had to rescue a c0uple who were having $3x in one of the r00ms and got tr@pped because of the smoke eman@ting from their r00m.

The firefighters could be s3en in the video trying to br3ak d0wn a r00m door as the occupants cr!ed out for help.

After they had successfully br0ken d0wn the door, the man and woman were helped out of the r00m but one of the firemen was stunn3d when he saw that it was his wife he had saved.

He then asked what she was d0ing there but she started apolog!zing.

Watch the video below;