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Drama as businessman st0rms his father’s funeral with a l!on and startles everyone [watch video]

By Ghpatoo.com . May 18,2021

A shocking but funny video going viral on the Ghanaian internet sees a strange man st0rming his late father’s funeral with a l!ve l!on.

The unidentified man said to be a business mogul was seen with the l!ve l!on in his arms like a baby.

In the video, the man could be spotted holding the wild animal at the funeral.

He later handed over the l!ve l!on to one of his male helpers while he went on to exchange greetings with people present at the funeral.

The seems unusual to social

media commentators with a section calling for the arr3st of the man. Some believe the l!ve l!on could have hvrt someone.

Watch the video below;