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Diana Nabatanzi b£droom video l£aked on social media [Video]

By Admin . August 14,2021

Social media has been ablaze after Ugandan media personality and film maker Diana Nabatanzi leak video hits online.

In the 9 second video a lady that closely looks like Diana Nabatanzi is seen coiled around a man like a venomous snake £njoying the session.

Fans went ahead to throw in their different opinions with some saying that her bed game is very poor

Despite the fact that the source is still anonymous, it is believed that the video was released by her boyfriend whose intentions are known to himself.

Hmm, social media detectives confirmed that this is the best challenge so far putting off the Kitende, Paula, and Gloria Kengazi video.

Nabatanzi video speculations started on Thursday evening and have since spread life like wild fire on the internet.


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