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Cyril Of Yolo Fame, Shows His Son’s Face For The First Time [Photo]

By Admin . August 23,2021

Aron Adatsi, popularly known as Cyril from the hit series Yolo, has finally showed his Son’s face for the first time on social media.

The young and talented actor welcomed his first baby about a year ago, which generated a lot of discussions when the news hit the airwaves.

Aron was able to get through all the backlash and has now moved beautifully with his nuclear family.

For the first time, Aron showed the face of his baby on social media, and it was indeed an adorable memory. The actor and his BaBy Mama did a good job by keeping his face from reaching the public till now.

Fans and well wishers trouped under the post to admire the baby and shower praises on the little boy.

Photo below;