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Couple Escorted With 35 Motorcycles On Their Wedding Day Cause Stir On Social Media [Watch Now]

By Admin . August 22,2021

While we see expensive weddings every week in our cities organized with a lot of money and sometimes very luxurious cars, this couple decided to go with the ordinary for their wedding.

A three-wheel motorcycle commercial driver made the wedding of the year as described by the inhabitants of the city. This is one of the most exceptional and successful wedding.

As can be seen in the picture, his work colleagues did not fail to mobilize 35 motorcycles massively for him to support him so as to make his event magnificent. The procession in yellow and b!ack colors, the couple in front, everything happened in an atmosphere without emb@rrassment.

And what made this wedding very exceptional, is that the inhabitants of Agboville had never seen such an event in their locality. Suddenly, everyone was enthusiastic about this unusual wedding.

This young married man did not try to do more than himself, thus going beyond his means. It was a pure, simple and exceptional marriage, this is what he aspired for and finally, the dream came true.