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Bride go ‘cr@zy’ ; give ‘free sh0w’ while tw3rking at her wedding trend on social media [watch Vide]

Most weddings are days of joy and excitement as the couple cannot wait to tie the kn0t with the love of their lives.

For instance, weddings are huge affa!rs

and can soon turn into a carniva! due to lovely and interesting displ@y

A wedding video has gone viral on social media after a bride was seen displ@ying some cr@zy dance moves on her wedding day.

In the video, the bride who was dressed in a white wedding attire could be seen in the midst of her bridesma!ds who were about 10 number.

Each of the burgundy wearing maids could be seen busily tw3rking while the bride who sto0d in their midst was also wildly tw3rking

As if tw3rking her head off at the wedding was not surprising enough, she went as far as sh0wing off her und3rwear whiles she exhibits her tw3rking skills.

Watch The Video Below



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