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Bride And Groom Use Plast!c Barr3ls As The!r Wedding Car Since They Couldn’t Aff0rd R3al Cars [Video

By Ghpatoo . May 24,2021

A groom and his bride had the!r guests gasping for air when they arrived at their wedding ceremony in a loca!!y manufactured limous!ne.

The would easily qualify for wedding of the century’ in the Guinness Book of Records had the bride and groom and the!r whole entour@ge cru!sing in an open-top limous!ne made from plast!c barr3l.

The excited groom, his bride, and entour@ge were cheered on by onlookers as they arrived for their unprecedent3d wedding ceremony.

The car has six parts and was chauffeur3d by a groomsman sitting on its integr@l part, a motorbike that steer3d the entire limo.

The car was carrying the bride in its first blue barr, followed closely by the groom, the groomsmen next, flower girls and two more sl0ts for the bridesmaids.

The barr3ls were chain3d together and built on wheels, which was steer3d by a motorbike.

Watch the video below;