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Bobrisky turns heads as he flaunts his “banging body curves” in new video

Nigerian Crossdresser/transgender, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju popularly known as Bobrisky, has shared a video on his Instagram page as he crushed on himself.

Bobrisky shared a video of himself gushing over his self-made body and bleached skin in his bathr00m on his Instagram account.

In another video, Bobrisky revealed that he had invested so much money on his body talking of surgeries, skin, teeth whitening and hair, as he looks so beautiful when he looks at his pictures and video.

She then said one shouldn’t be blaming a straight guy that asks him out on a date.

In his own words, he said; “Sometimes guys, I look at my videos, I look at my pictures, I look so beautiful, I have invested so much money on my body, surgeries, skin, teeth whitening, hair, I’m just so beautiful, so don’t blame any straight guy, that ask me out, because the truth, is if you see me in person, I’m extremely beautiful, I can turn your guy on, trust me it’s straight guy, I can turn him on because I’m beautiful “

Watch the video below;