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Bl00d spl!t as two male teachers f!ght ug!y over a colleagues female teacher

Police is Kirinyaga County arrest3d a teacher from Karoti Girls High School after he allegedly attack3d his colleague with a mach3te in the staffroom.

Details indicated that the suspect hack3d his male colleague over an alleged love affa!r with the young female teacher currently practicing at their Karori High school. According to the police boss, the suspect armed with a sharpen3d mach3te carried out the att@ck during their afternoon break.

The suspect was arrest3d by police as the victim Alfose Orina, rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention since he had sustained severe he@d cuts that left him profusely bleeding.

Citizen Tv reported that the Mwea East Police Commander Daniel Katavi confirmed that the suspect was being held at Wang’uru Police Post awaiting leg@l crimin@l processing.

He was still in the school compound after the incid3nt when his colleagues were strugg!ing to help the victim with others calling police officers. He will be charged with attempt3d murd3r ” Kitavi said adding that they had managed to reciover the dead!y weap0n he used to perpetr@te the att@ck.

The attack3r according to police, had even thought he had already k!lled the colleague as per his pl@ns.