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Beaut!ful Lady Send Her Nak3d Video Meant For Boyfr!end To Class WhatsApp Group Goes Viral [Watch]

By Ghpatoo . June 7,2021

This lady who wants her long-distance relationsh!p to work out with his boyfr!end is currently in h0t waters after she acc!d3ntally send her nak3d video meant for her boyfr!end to a whatsApp group.

The video has been circulating on social media which is caus3s st!r. We keep advising ladies about taking a nak3d video of thems3lves and kept on their phone. Sending nak3d video to your boyfr!end will not save your relationsh!p.

In the video, the lady took the video of herse!f, which was only meant to be s3en by her boyfriend but things turn out ug!y when she acc!d3ntally sent it to her class WhatsApp group where she is a member.

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