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B!g boys’ who fl@unt their wealth* on social media caught in robb3ry operati0n [WATCH VIDEO]

Two ‘b!g boys’ who like to tensi0n social media with their flambory@nt lifestyl3s are c@unht during robb3ry operation and parad3d.

Luck ran out on two Nigeria b!g boys identified as Chiboy Ezike, 25, and 23-year-old Chiemere Ajuluchukwu, who were recently c@unght by the Anambra State Police Command while unleash!ng terror on peaceful citizens. In a video that has gone viral, the boys could be seen seat3d on the ground after receiv!ng some beat!ngs from the security agents. The crimin@ls had shared a video of themselves having a go0d time in a hotel while sm0king and playing indigen0us music

But things seem3d to have gone the other way round when they were c@ught

One of the boys could be seen bad!y hur*t on his head, due to the injur*y he had sustain3d from the brutal!ty met3d out on them by the policemen.