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Asankrangwa (Asanco) Free SHS students releases another mind-blowing tw£rking video

The akin of n^dity on Internet of backward amid adolescent changeable acceptance has hit its p£ak in some Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Barely a anniversary ago, acceptance of Ejisuman Senior High Academy in a video unleashed sed^ctive words as they alarm on their aide f£male acceptance to acquiesce men to accept their way back they access them.

Well, three acceptance at Asankragwa Snoir High academy (Asanco) afterwards a video of them tw£rk!ng in chic alike online, accept been suspended. The accommodation was taken by the academy authorities because the student’s has corruption the academy rules and regulations for not application buzz on campus and additionally abasing the school.

Due to violation policy we cannot post the video here. Kindly Join any of our platform and watch the video.

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