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Anything to survive! Nollywood actress Pat Ugwu stripped to her tiny underwear on Instagram live

By Admin . August 12,2021

Nollywood actress Pat Ugwu who enjoys teasing her fans by the hot pictures of herself she shares on Instagram has again set tongues wagging on social with her recent activities.

Since the the outbreak of coronavirus many people have taken to their social media pages to complain about boredom.

As a result of this, celebrities find various ways to keep their fans and followers entertained and most importantly, to keep them locked on their pages.

Many celebrities have gone online to talk to their fans through live chats, some organised concerts on their live chat, while some did a question and answer session for their fans.

Pat Ugwu is one of the celebrities keeping her fans entertained. Although they are just simple things that people may not be familiar with, her fans and followers are excited to get a closer look into her life as a person.

Recently, she had a live chat with her fans and followers and she decided to show off her tw3rking skills.

In the video shared online, the Nollywood actress was half n.@ked as she show her fans and followers what her mother gave her.

Have a look :