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Another l3aked Nak3d photos of Legon student surfaces online [Watch Now]

Updated: May 22

By Ghpatoo . May 21,2021

Another beaut!ful student of the University of Ghana, Legon, ident!fied as Roslyn Mensah has had her naket photos and videos going l3aked on the Ghanaian internet.

According to report, Roslyn, who is a level three hundred student put herself on cam3ra while dr3ssing up to attend lectures.

As to whether how the photos were transferred from her phone to social media, one is yet to understand.

In the photos, Roslyn who is melanin in nature was seen wearing blank p@nt without any braz!er.

Some of the posses she strvck while taking the photos suggest that she intentiona!!y took the photos.