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All My Three Kid's Are Not For My Husband But For My Ex- Boyfriend -Married Woman

By Admin . August 20,2021

Just as we have heard it all, today a woman had made a sh0cking revelation which has amazed a lot of people on the social media.

According to the lady, she got married for some years ago to a hardworking, responsible and a caring husband who has not b3aten her one way or the other but to her, her husband is not handsome to her liking.

The young lady narrating her story said she wanted to give birth to a beautiful and a handsome children but looking at her husband she can not have the kind of children she wants.

So she always takes contraceptive pills after having a s3xual encounter with her husband. One day she remembered her handsome ex-boyfriend who has also gotten married to another lady.

According to her, she started chatting the ex-boyfriend and due to that they became close again. So anytime she is ovulating she called the ex-boyfriend to have a s3xual encounter with him and now she has three kids for the ex-boyfriend.

The young lady is seeking an advice from the public on what to do or what to tell her husband. The lady made this sh0vking revelation on JoyFM in Accra.