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Akua S@ucy in te@rs after nvd3s videos she s3nt to gvy for GH¢50 g0t l3aked Online [Watch Video]

A Ghanai@n l@dy identifi3d as Akua S@ucy is pr@ying the earth would open and swall0w h3r alive after h3r priv@t3 videos l3aked online.

Akua S@ucy is one of the popul@r Ghanai@n Tw!tter accounts where sh3 is blessed with hvge m!lkshakes which every gvy wants to have a f33l of it.

H0T Video: Akuapem Poloo Baby Daddy Deta!ls How He Met H3r & All The!r Issu3rs

Sh3 alleg3dly had s3nt h3r priv@t3 videos to m@n for GH¢50 who lat3r l3aked th3m onlin3, leaving h3r with an egg on h3r face.

Tw!tter is currently on f!re following the l3aked of the nvd3s and Akua S@ucy is n0where to be f0und.

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