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Agness Katenga: 16-yr-old girl commits suicide after mother beats her up for stealing her panties

Agness Katenga, A 16-year-old Grade 10 pupil of Lunga Day Secondary School in Mwinilunga district of Northwestern Province south Africa has committed suicide after her mother accused her of taking 3 of her new panties.

Agness Katenga is said to have sneaked out of the house around 20:00 hours yesterday after being talked to by her mother Lucy Kayombo on suspicion that she had stolen her mother’s three underwear.

She hanged her at the mango tree near her house. According to a statement issued by the Police in Northwestern Province, Agness was angered by the accusation. Police say they visited the scene of death and suspected no foul play.

However, the Truth has emerged that the Grade 11 Girl did not steal her mother’s undies after her cousin reported to the police that there was falsely accused of stealing. the mother found her undies but it is too late because the girl has died.

Speaking in Mwinilunga this afternoon, a named cousin who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it has been discovered that after deceased’s mother bought the underwear on Wednesday last week, she placed them in a suitcase then forgot because she was busy.

So when she wanted to wear one of them yesterday to church, she searched in 4 other bags except the other old suitcase and found nothing. So she decided to call her daughter (now deceased) whom she then accused of having stolen her new underwear.

When she denied, the mother beat the school girl up who got annoyed and later hanged herself in a mango tree at night.

After police officers collected the body, other female relatives searched all the bags of Ms Lucy Kayombo (the mother to the dead girl) and found all the three new underwear in an old suitcase.



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