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Afric@n Spiderman and his female partn3r dance moves caus3s st!r on social media [video]

By Ghpatoo . May 27,2021

Marvel’s attent!on has been called by people following videos of a male and female dancing Spiderman which surfaced on social media.

Within the past few months, the dancing South Afric@n Spiderman got l0ts of attent!on, and he cr@cked r!bs of people with his stvnning dance moves.

He app3ars to have grown big, that is, brand wise, as he’s being invited to gigs with other SA musicians.

Recently, a video of the Spiderman dancing with a Spiderwoman surfaced on social media, and it’s been viewed by non-South Afric@ns.

Some persons have taken it upon themselves to call out Marvel to see the wonders these South Afric@ns are doing with their character.

Watch the video below: