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Afia Schwar’s twin son def!es her & runs back to girlfriend; girl weeps in video [watch Video]

Afia Schwar’s twin son, James Ian Heerdegen, has been sp0tted with his girlfriend barely a

week after his mother said they had broken up.

James and his girlfriend, Naa Koshie recently went viral on social media after a photo of them inside a bedroom popped up online. Hours after the bedroom photo came up,Afia Schwar took to Instagram to state clearly that her sons, James and John Irving, were like investments for her so she will not allow them to marry loc@l girls.

This was supposed to have ended the relationship between James and Naa Koshie who is also considered a loc&l girl by Afia Schwar.

But, James has been seen with her supposed ex-girlfriend again afterards.

In a video trending on social media, James was seen consoling an all teary Naa Korshie in her room on campus.

While on the top bunk, James comforted a seemingly brokenhearted Naa Korshie and wrapped her in his arms.