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Actress purfcie Conna challenge*s Queen Patricia ; puts her hug3 m!lksh@kes displ@y

Kumawood actress purfcie Conna has

‘challeng3d‘ queen of m!lksh@ke Millicent Patricia Amoah, known on Instagram as Queen Patricia .

Queen Paticia for some time now has taken over Instagram all because of her h3avy duty ch3st Millicent Patricia Amoah has recently prov3d that, she has the biggest mel0ns in the country beat!ng Pamela Odame as she dances in style, flaunting her h3avy mel0ns and totally baffl!ng some social media users.

Parked in a room with a p0ny hairstyle and light lipst!ck to complement her appearance, an over-excited Millicent dress3d in gym clothes who could barely cover her goodies is seen performing Okyeame Kwame’s “Yeeko”, featuring the “star. rock “Kuami Eugene.

Her action is heav!ly influenced by Okyeame Kwame’s infectious “Yeeko Challenge”, instigated by the rapper in pursuit of him to promote his latest album. Many social media users believe that she is the H3avny-ch3sted Ghanaian lady on Instagram. But that is not the case as actress purfcie Conna has released a photo of herself showing what she has got.

In the photos seen by ghpatoo.com Purfcie is captured in a gym cloth.From the photo, the well-endowed actress flaunt3d her eye-popping ch3st leaving thirsty men pant!ng

Check out her photos below :