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Actress Juliet Ibrahim leaves fans in stitches as she joins crate challenge [video]

By Admin . August 26,2021

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Juliet Ibrahim, has got her fans and followers laughing after deciding to hop onto the crates challenge

In a video sighted on Instagram , the mother of one had stacked a number of crates in her home as she braved the odds to replicate the new trend.

Before getting on with the task, the actress indicated that she had sighted the trend of people climbing crates and decided to try it as well.

She added that she loved challenges a lot and did not want to pass off the opportunity of trying this challenge and acing it just as a few people have.

Following her ‘opening speech’, the actress moved to the crates and carefully started her ascent to the top.

The actress who was taking the challenge while wearing high heels took the first two steps, got stuck for some seconds and placed her hands on the crates.

After some seconds of thinking about the repercussions of her actions, Juliet Ibrahim changed her mind and made a ‘U-turn’.

After finding her feet on level ground, Juliet Ibrahim indicated she was not ready to ‘kill herself’ over a challenge that was going to attract laughter and not even bring her any money.

She wrote: “#cratechallenge How much does the winner get? who asked me to jump on this challenge???”