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A young lady has narrated a shocking story of how she ended up following kidnappers who reportedly

By Admin . August 27,2021

The young lady, Morenikeji Adekunle, shared her story on Facebook.

She revealed hat she needed to get money from an ATM when a stranger walked up to her.

She immediately followed the man without her own will.

Her full post read:


Make una epp me thank God o

I stepped out to withdraw money because I had no cash on me. Thankfully, Ire was sleeping so he didn’t come with me. I was on the phone with my grandmum, normal level nah, she was praying for me.

Then a guy came to me like he wanted to talk to me, on the main road o but it was late. I told my grandmum that I’ll call her back later, then cut the call. This man started doing incantations and asked me to follow him, I felt the urge to follow him and I did, few seconds later, a thought came to my mind and I started asking myself why exactly I was following a stranger I don’t know from anywhere.

Then I stopped following him and started saying “Loruko Jesu” I pack race o and this man chased me till I got to a filling station that was filled up with people before he stopped.

See the screenshot below;