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A Y0ung Guy W@rn Ghanaians With Gvn Trend On Social Media [Watch Now]

By Admini . June 15,2021

A new video making rounds on social media has shown a number of unidentif!ed men wielding p!stols and a pvmp- action after Korle Bu bullion van robbery incident.

In the video, one of the men was heard sending out a w@rning as he asked everyone to rvan away while pressing the tr!gger of the p!stol.

This video comes after many media outlets reported the s@d death of Constable Emmanuel Osei and one trader, Afia Badu, during a bullion van robbery in Accra.

The incident happened hours into the day on Monday June 14, 2021, when the bullion van was reportedly doing some pick ups. The video of this guy has circulating on social media with mass!ve st!r.

Watch the video below: