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A Woman Reportedly C@ught Using Her P@nts/Clothes To Make Kunu For The Public [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 29,2021

Preparing local dr!nks for sale is s3en to be a very lucrative business in our part of the world as a little raw food stuff yields a very good result

People tend to purchase from a trader whose product has the best of taste ending up creating longer queues with such vendors leaving the others with just a few buyers.

It has been indicated on a few social media platforms that, a woman was finally c@ught after they realized she had always been using her used p@nts/clothes in the preparat!on of a local dr!nk, 'Kunu' made from grains such as millet or sorghum.

She was c@ight by a few health officers during their random inspections on the food market to ensure vendors provide the most hygienic foods to their consumers. As for the reason to which she did this, only God knows.