• pnkansah007

A viral video of two SHS students ch0pping themselves in Classr00m Causes St!r on social media.

A video of some spo!lts students m!sbehaving in class has em3rged and caused murmvrs on social media .

The fact that there is no proper care to minimize indec3ncy in education to the minimum level is a major sl@p in the face of the SA educational institution.

It is worrying that secondary schools, in particular the government itself, are behaving immora!ly.

A video of some of these students (male or female) came online in the classr00m and c0mm!tted some act of irresponsibil!ty, while also playing music loudly in a broad day-light.

In the video that has taken social media by st0rm, Kerewa -st@rved students are seen gr!nding on each other like bu!ls.




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