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A viral video of pastor w!fe and a female member f!ght d!rty ins!de a church trend on social Media

By Ghpatoo . May 27,2021

A video making the rounds on social media sh0ws the moment two women f0ught d!rty in a church in Umuahia, Abia state.

According to reports, the f!ghter cons!sted of a pastor wife and a church member.

Facebook user, Sunday Ogirima, who shar3d the video claim3d the woman wearing a blu3 dress is his pastor’s wife while the other lady is the church member. He wrote;

The women f!ghting inside this church are TST. The mummy on blu3 is Mrs Akaa wife of our pastor in Umuahia District.

The lady receiving the h3at is the daughter of the Deaconess who is on top of the pastor wife. They are our TST warri0rs f!ghting themselv3s ins!de the church.

My conscienc3 will not be at rest if I see this and close my mouth when I know that if it is TAG that did it I will not spar3 them.

We speak the truth even if it aff3cts us.

Some may not like me for doing this aga!nst TST Family but it doesn’t matter.

I will still do the same thing aga!n to sh0w others that while we cond3mn TAG for being rebell!ous and rej3cting peace and reconciliation in AG Nigeri@ we don’t have immun!ty or licens3 to act the same way and be free.

Watch the video below