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A Viral Video Of Musician k!cks male fan for touching her pr!vate part on stage [Video]

By ghpatoo . May 17,2021

Ugandan singer, Vinka, real name Veronica Luggya, delivered a brutal double-k!ck at a male fan who touched her pr!vate parts while she was performing on stage .

It was a bad moment for a fan who tried to touch Uganda singer, Vinka, in her pr!vate part while she was performing.

The singer and mother of one, was performing at a sh0w when a male fan stretched his hands and touched her pr!vate part.

However, she wasn’t too pleased with the reception she received from a fan during a performance.

To the shock of many, the singer, who looked visibly angry*, k!cked the fan twice before security on stage pulled her away and she continued with her performance like nothing happened.

Watch the video below: