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A Viral Video Of Model Naomi Gold tw3rks hard on l!ve TV Caus3s St!r On Social Media [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 25,2021

Ghan@‘s f!ng3ring celebrity, Naomi Gold has returned to the screens after Counsellor Geroge Lutterodt used her for f!ng3ring experim3nts in the studios of UTV.

After the we!rd act, crit!cal thinking Ghanai@ns chastis3d her in an equal mann3r and she went on hibernat!on thereafter.

But the good news is that she has returned and her act!on in the studios of TV Africa is no different. This means she has not chang3d from her we!rd lifestyle.

In the studios of Tv Africa with Cindy Baby, Naomi Gold did the most and her h0t tw3rking gav3 the camera crew a l0t of discomf0rt on Friday night.

Click her to watch the video