• pnkansah007

A viral video of man d!es mysterious!y while danc!ng with a lady in a conc3rt. [Watch Video]

There was sh0ck and pan!c in a conc3rt

when a middle-aged man collaps3d and d!ed when he was danc!ng with a lady in front of hundreds of reveller$.

A video that has taken the internet by a st0rm shows an energet!c lady, who was rock!ng an attir3 that left little for the male reveller$ to imagine, pull!ng dangerou$ stunt$ by jump!ng on the poor boy child like an antelop3 as the music was blaz!ng from the speakers.

Shortly after, the man collaps3d leaving the reveller$ in sh0ck

Bouncers rushed to save his lif3 but unfortunate!y, he lost his lif3.




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