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A viral video of man begs for l0ve in public after 2-years of proposing [Watch Video]

By Admin . June 19,2021

It’s nice to believe that l0ve comes always as a magical thing, a proverbial bolt of lightning across a crowded room.

It’s comforting to imagine that this most human of emoti0ns has been with us forever, agel3ss and unchanging. Yet the history of r0mance reveals something very different; something driven by the technologies that define our era as much as by the chemicals that fuel our brains

A video making sound on social medias sh0ws the moment a young man begs for l0ver return after severe attempt from a lady.

In the video seen, the young man was kn3eling down begging his dream l0ver who seems not to have any interest in the guy but for him not giving up, he continue to f!ght for what he want.

According this young man, he has been following and keep proposing to Naomi for the past 2 years but all she does is to rejetc his proposal.

He then takes a step to do it in public only for him to be rejected again by Naomi, the young man then asking people around to come to his aid and help him begs Naomi. Watch the video below: