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A Viral Video Of Man And Girlfriend Ch0p H3avy L0ve At The M!ddle Of A Busy Road [WATCH NOW]

By Ghpatoo . June 10,2021

A funny but sh0cking video spotted by social media sh0ws the moment two l0vers showcased their f3eling to the world by standing in the m!ddle of a busy road where thousands of cars were passing.

In the short video which was recorded by one of the drivers who was surprised by the act!ons of the said l0vers, they were s3en hvgging and smo0ching each other while h3avy cars were traveling on the same route.

As if nothing was wrong, the lady was even spotted dancing and sh@king her as.s to the drivers. Meanwhile, no driver blew a horn on them as they drove past them.

Watch the video below: