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A Viral Video Of lady goes m@d after spending a night with rich man in a hotel [watch video]

Beautiful lady goes m@d after spending a night with unknown rich man in a hotel.

A young lady has fallen to the streets to display visible acts of insanity after she allegedly

spending a night with unknown man in a hotel. Stories about young ladies who became mentally unstable after sleeping with men in a hotel have been reported on social media.

People are of the opinion that any lady this happens to might have been used for ritua! purposes by the man she went out with.

A Social media user on Tuesday morning, February 23, took to Instagram to share a video of a young lady who allegedly ran m@d after a man picked her from the streets and took her to a hotel for a sleepover*

The yet-to-be identified lady was captured causing a scene, after she was reportedly expelled from the hotel because of her switch to cr@zy mode.



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