• pnkansah007

A Viral Video Of Lady disciplin3s online vend0r who sold her fak3 hair [WATCH VIDEO]

If you are on social media you probably have

seen these what I ordered vs what I got memes and they sure are hilari0us

With a lot of online shopping happening, these are bovnd to happen as some of the online stores are not regulated making buying from online shops very risky* even though sometimes we have no choice.. Meanwhile, Most of the vend0rs online do not accept payment on delivery because some customers run away with their m0ney

We are usually left with the payment before delivery option and it sometimes it turns disast3r

A lady who was served with this same kind of thing didn’t let go like many would have. After ordering for a hair specific hair, she was sent a totally different and w@ck hair. This made her trace the owner of the online shop to demand for her m0ney after realizing what she was sent was totally different from what she had ordered.


It ended up in a fight since the online shop owner refused to give in and give her back her money.